About Us

How we work

We’re a team of volunteers who make time outside of (and sometimes during) our day jobs to help make civic engagement productive and sustainable. We’re completely open source and will never take a profit. Why’s that? Well we’re really not into the selling of data, and we’re not really into monetizing calls to action. But we work hard and care a lot, so we’re not going anywhere.

We collaborate with several grassroots movements like Action Alliance, and civic tech groups like GovTrack to make sure our calls to action make the best use of your time, and that the tools we’re building benefit and contribute back to the open government data and civic tech communities.

The core team is shown here, with an extra thanks to all the folks that have contributed along the way: Josh Tauberer, Josh Blum, Francis Tseng, Rik Lomas, Adrian M Ryan & Lori White ❤️


CallParty is open source software built on open government data. There’s lots of work to do in improving and maintaining our user experiences and giving back to support the data infrastructure. We've got lots of documentation, a Slack group, and in-person working sessions every other Thursday in Brooklyn, NY, so it's easy for anyone to get involved. Remote or in-person, we’d love to have you!